Home Learning Support in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Starting in February 2021, KDDI Foundation has launched home learning support using tablets at 6 schools in Lalitpur, Nepal.

In Nepal, almost all public elementary and junior-high schools had closed for a long period of time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We engaged in initiatives for home learning support that utilizes tablets that e-learning contents were installed and workbooks in addition to textbooks so that children can continue to learn by themselves at home without Internet access.

We believe that tablets are an effective measures for home learning support as they can be used without Internet connection, and students can continually learn with them at home while maintaining motivation.

The mayor of Lalitpur giving a speech (pictured at the right)
Students taking an academic ability test before the tablets are given out
Teachers in an orientation session about how to use the tablets
Students learning how to use the tablets