Grant Activities

Research Grant Program

Grant for the researchers studying in the telecommunications related field.

List of awarded researchers


Theme of Research Researcher Amount*
Development of Diagnostic Chatbot Application for solving antimicrobial resistance(AMR) problems in ASEAN countries Hayase Hakariya Ph.D. Candidate Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine 1,000
Development of a monitoring agent to dynamically estimate QoL through communication Satoshi Nakagawa First year master’s student Department of Mechano-Informatics, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo 1,000
A Low-Power Circuit on a Flexible Substrate for Wearable Computing Yasuhiro Ogasahara Senior Researcher National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology 3,000
Radio-based Environmental Context Identification and Digitization Minseok Kim Associate Professor Niigata University 3,000
Researches on V2X performance prediction and low-latency transmission for autonomous driving Eiji Okamoto Associate Professor Nagoya Institute of Technology 3,000
Application of nonlinear recursive digital filter for hands-free telecommunicatio Kenta Iwai Specially Appointed Assistant Professor Ritsumeikan University 2,570
Academic Paper Review Prediction by Multi-task Learning Jiyi Li Specially Appointed Assistant Professor University of Yamanashi 3,000
Visualization of caregiving: Evaluation of touching care Yoshikazu Washizawa Associate Professor The University of Electro-Communications 3,000
Development of LED for increase in food production by ICT Yoshitane Imai Associate professor KIndai University 3,000
High speed servo-track writing for ultra-high-density information storage devices Takashi Komine Vice director of the center, Associate professor Ibaraki University 3,000
Development of the helical fiber grating and its applications Li Hongpu Professor Shizuoka University 3,000
Modeling the Diffusion of the Connected Hitoshi Mitomo Dean and Professor Waseda University 3,000
Research and Support for Compulsive Shoppers through Use of Application Software on shopping management Yuko Shiraishi Researcher RIKEN 3,000
Cross-cultural Research on AI/Robots for Social Good Toshie Takahashi Professor (Waseda University); Visiting Scholar (University of Cambridge) 3,000
Research on Promotion Strategies of Information-Centric Networking Noriaki Kamiyama Professor Fukuoka University 3,000
Effects of Amendment of the Public Office Election Law on Voter Behavior Mamoru Shirasaki Associate Professor Kansai Gaidai University 3,000
Total 43,570

* Unit: thousand yen

KDDI Foundation 10th Aniversery Special Research Grant Program

Theme of Research Researcher Amount*
Predictors and moderators of psychological effects of smartphone|cognitive-behavior therapy. Teruhisa Uwatoko
Assistant Professor
Kyoto University Health Service
Total 10,000

* Unit: thousand yen