International Cooperation Activities

Implementation of ICT use of Pilot Projects aimed at improving the quality of life for the visually impaired in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

The KDDI Foundation conducted the Practical demonstration of ICT Pilot Projects aimed at improving the quality of life for visually impaired of Vietnam in 2011 in cooperation with Ministry of Information and Communications, National Institute of Information and Communications Strategy and Association of Visually Impaired Person in Vietnam, and Waseda University in Japan.

The difference between the rich and poor has been exposed by the handicap that visually impaired people could not take advantage of the ICT equipment for ordinary person. In this project, it is examined with the help of ICT that what kind of equipment, software, service, policies and/or measures are required in order to obtain the information.

Demonstration of the ICT equipment such as voice calling out software and visually impaired Braille display was conducted in this project. For some of the projects that achievement was recognized up to now, letter of appreciation was passed to the Parties concerned form the Minister of Communications and local government of Vietnam.

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