International Cooperation Activities

Overview of Consulting Services

1. Surveys and Planning for Telecommunications Networks and Business Projects

The KDDI Foundation conducts many types of surveys related to telecommunications networks and services. It conducts technical and financial surveys for networks to serve a wide variety of requirements, formulates long-term plans, and conducts feasibility studies. It also supports the creation of business plans for new services in the field of telecommunications.

Master Plan Surveys

  • Definition of telecommunications policy
  • Network plans
  • Basic, mid-term and long-term plans
  • Financial plans

Feasibility Studies

  • Traffic analyses and forecasts
  • Conceptual planning of telecommunications networks and facilities
  • Financial and economic analyses

Business Plan Surveys

  • Analyses of telecommunications situation
  • Demand forecasts

Business Planning

  • Definition of telecommunications facilities and configuration
  • Business operations
  • Financial and economic analyses

2. Supporting Planning and Design of All Types of Telecommunications Networks

The KDDI Foundation provides support for planning and designing the optimum combination of the facilities and services in telecommunications and networks.

Network Planning

  • Traffic plans, routing plans, numbering plans, signaling systems, transmission plans, network synchronization plans, quality of services, network reliability.

Network and System Design

  • Satellite communications systems (Earth station, VSAT)
  • Optic fiber submarine cable systems
  • Mobile communications networks
  • Access communications systems (WLL, Rural network)
  • Backbone systems (Optical fiber network, Microwave, Transport switches, DWDM)
  • IP network systems (LAN / WAN, VoIP, IPV6)
  • IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)
  • Maritime communications systems (GMDSS)
  • Distance education systems (E-learning )
  • Tele-medicine systems
  • Disaster alerting systems
  • E-Government

3. Supporting the Design Procurement, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of All kinds of Telecommunications Equipment

The KDDI Foundation provides support for design, procurement, construction, operation, all maintenance of all kinds of telecommunications systems and equipment, including the various types of INTELSAT, INMARSAT, and Other satellite earth stations, the telephone and data switching systems, maritime communications equipment, optical transmission equipment, and the optical submarine cable systems. These services, including planning and design of telecommunication network are provided on a contracted basis.

  • Bidding documentation and technical specifications
  • Evaluation and analyses of bids, and recommendations
  • Support for Vender contracted procedures
  • Support for procurement of telecommunications equipment
  • Overall project management (Scheduling, supervision, factory inspections, etc.)
  • Construction supervision
  • Final inspections (acceptance tests, etc.)
  • System operation and maintenance, and personal training