About Us

President’s Message

I took office as the President of KDDI Foundation in June 2018 following the predecessor Dr. F. Watanabe.

In October 2009, the International Communications Foundation (ICF) and KDDI Engineering and Consulting, Inc. (KEC) were merged and made a new start under the name of KDDI Foundation. It was shifted to the “Public Interest Incorporated Foundation” on April 1, 2012, with the social mission of “improvement of the public benefit by private sector”.

ICF, one of the parent foundations, was established in 1988. ICF had been supporting researchers and foreign students studying in the fields of information and communications technology, and also assisting social activities concerning telecommunications. Over the years it provided supports for more than 1,800 research projects, and awarded grants totaling 2.4 billion yen. On the other hand, KEC has an even longer history since its establishment in 1974. It provided telecommunications consulting services for more than 170 projects in developing countries, and accepted more than 5,800 trainees from overseas.

The purpose of foundation establishment is “to contribute to progress of social, economic, and cultural development by supporting and assisting various activities which contribute to spread and promotion of information and telecommunications, and research in the relevant field, inside and outside Japan”. KDDI Foundation has been entrusted with the tangible and intangible assets, developed over many years, and with the network of human resources built up inside and outside Japan through our activities. By integrating and developing these resources organically, we promise to work more effectively with partner organizations to advance the public-interest.

As a part of our international cooperation activities, KDDI Foundation also sponsors the charity concert every year. By utilizing the proceeds from the concert, we have been constructing schools for Cambodian children who bear the future of Cambodia. Until now the number of the donated schools has reached ten. We are also supporting education program of music and art in these schools. We will be grateful for your continuous understanding and support upon this kind of activities too.

Mutual trust and feelings of gratitude between peoples should be the “foundation” to peace of the global community and sustainable social development. Information and communications technology (ICT) has strong power to support this “foundation”. KDDI Foundation continues steady efforts so that as many people as possible can receive the benefit from ICT.

As we are aiming at bringing “smile” to all the people in the world, your support and guidance are highly appreciated.

Masatoshi Suzuki
President, KDDI Foundation