About Us

About Us

Mission Statement

The KDDI Foundation was founded in October of 2009 to consolidate the resources of the International Communications Foundation (ICF) and KDDI Engineering and Consulting, Inc. (KEC). Its mission is to return to society some of the value created by information and communications technology (ICT), and to contribute through ICT to harmonious and healthy global development and to social, economic, and cultural progress. While inheriting and integrating the goals and initiatives of its predecessor organizations, the Foundation intends to fulfill the corporate responsibilities of the KDDI Group by reexamining the significance of social contributions from a wider perspective, for the purpose of contributing to the sustainable development of international society through more efficient and effective activities to further the public interest.

Assistance programs to contribute to the development of communications and exchanges of people and ideas

Safe, secure, and convenient communications as a conduit for person-to-person exchanges are indispensable to the harmonious development of the global community. We provide assistance to the ICT-related research that makes communications possible, assistance to non-profit and volunteer organizations that utilize communications to promote social and cultural progress, and foreign study assistance to students who serve as bridges between Japan and their respective countries.

International cooperation programs to contribute to sustainable development in the global community

Through training programs attended by approximately 6,000 participants from 144 countries, and through more than 90 technical consulting projects in developing countries, we have built up a network of professional contacts around the world through which we can work to contribute to sustainable development. We are also working to alleviate the digital divide that represents a barrier to economic growth in the developing countries, particularly through support to improve the educational opportunities of children who will lead their countries in the future.